Hello. I’m natalie, the maker behind these special dollies. Grab a cup of coffee or- if you are like me- a glass of sweet tea and enjoy each meaningful stitch, get to know other families adopting, and read ramblings from me. XO

Natalie Swartz 

I have always loved the saying "Just Be You." Three little words, but so much truth.

These days just being me consist of enjoying the adventure of marriage, motherhood, adoption, and doll making. And the word “adventure” may be an understatement. ;)


I think the greatest gift in my early adult years has been learning to embrace my talents and passions, even if they seemed somewhat irrelevant and make them apart of my every day life. It is so refreshing walking down a path that involves both passion and purpose, however it doesn't mean I am not a hot mess most days.  Most of the time you'll find me in soft pants , preferably black, just trying to get my tweenager to join the rest of the crazy family, while offering the middle one a bribe, eh, I mean incentive to go to school, teaching CVC words to my other middle, and convincing my youngest to enjoy her role as the baby of the family.  While the hot mess is unavoidable, the joy from it all is overwhelming. The nurture my oldest gives is truly a testament to her compassionate heart and it’s so fun having inside jokes with her that are truly hilarious. My middle child is witty and sensitive and often sees the unseen in the world. My newest child, also a middle, is sweet and determined. Her adjustment has been a miracle and I am so thankful we saw her advocacy post. My youngest is spicy. Most days I have to find the balance of laughing hysterically at her and then gentle guiding her to balance that spice with sugar. She has confidence for days and I can’t wait to see who she becomes.

The adventure wouldn’t be possible without my handsome hubby. He truly is the best partner and keeps my life feeling balanced. His dad skills are legit and he totally has become the fun parent. He works hard for our family and swoons over each new doll I make. Life wouldn’t be without him.

Get a better look at who I am on my blog. I keep it pretty real. 

About MaeBeSew


MaeBeSew is my "surprise" business.  After making a doll for a friend and posting a picture, requests just kept coming.  Fine tuning a pattern, choosing quality materials, and offering custom creations has been wonderful.  This business has blessed me with new friends, provided for our adoptions and allowed me to continue to work from home.  Each doll truly has it's own personality and I take pride in every stitch and detail.  To say each doll is made with lots of love, is an understatement.  MaeBeSew now offers fundraisers for other families adopting as well to continue the heart behind the business.  Check out the fundraiser tab in the footer  for more information.

Every Stitch Has Meaning



Adoption has been something I always saw myself doing and in 2012 my husband and I felt a seed was planted in our hearts after the birth of our son.  After several months of research, praying, planning, we started the process of international adoption.  Just ten months later, we brought home the smallest little thing with the biggest little personality and she changed our world for the better.  After visiting her orphanage and loving on her for a short period of time, we knew our family wasn’t complete.  The prettiest little eyes caught our attention and 6 months later we were back in China loving a soft and gentle soul.  While our family feels complete, we know to never say never! We are passionate about advocating for children. While not everyone can adopt, everyone can advocate, shop smart, give generously of their resources, and get involved.  Have a question about advocating, supporting a family adopting or fostering, or about adoption itself, contact me. 

Every Stitch Has Meaning

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