Operation Olivia: Meet the Smith family

The next several weeks are full of family fundraisers and it makes my heart happy. Each family represents one less orphan.

Our next family is adopting a sweet little girl from China who happens to be a doll baby. This is their second adoption from China! I love two-timers! ;)


Meet the Smith Family!

Isa and I have known each other for a while now and use the same adoption agency based out of CO.

Here’s her introduction:

A few things about us: We’re the Smith’s, my husband is Wally, we have four children at home, three bio kids and our youngest was adopted from China in 2016. (Julia-16, Aiden-12, Lexie-11, and Gavin-4) Our new daughter is just six months younger than Gavin & is also from Jiangxi. We expect to travel in early November. I’m an ESL teacher/Reading Specialist and my husband has over 20 years of service in the Army & works at the Pentagon. We’ve lived in Northern Virginia since 2015 and have also been stationed in Florida, Kansas, Germany, & The Netherlands. Our new daughter’s name will be Olivia. We’re using the hashtag #OperationOlivia since we’re a military family


How cute is Operation Olivia? With all fundraisers, the family receives back 20% of all sales supporting their adoption. When checking out, it will ask you if you are buying in support of a family and you can enter Smith Family or “Operation Olivia!” We hope this fundraiser is a sweet way to support the Smith’s and have a special doll that reminds you there’s one less orphan. It takes a village and while everyone isn’t called to adopt, everyone can be part of the village. Shopping smart, especially with the holidays almost here, is a great way to support adoption, adoptive families and receive meaningful, custom gifts.

Please contact me for any special requests: maebesew@gmail.com

Let Operation Olivia begin!! XOXO

Meet our fundraiser family: The Britton's

I am very excited to introduce this week's fundraiser family, The Britton's!


Stan and Lauren Britton standout with their grace, compassion, and love for others in a BIG way.  I get to watch this upclose as we live in the same community. Our lives have overlapped through the last few years from churches, to preschools, to buying our home, to now China adoption! It was a treat swimming with them this summer and getting a glimpse at what fabulous brothers their four boys will be to Hannah! 

Here's what Lauren has to say about adoption: 

Adoption is a big part of our family. Stan was adopted, our second son was adopted and we have been foster parents. We have asked God for several years to show us when it was time to foster or adopt again. We came across Hannah Joy's picture on an advocacy page for waiting children in China. Through friends who have adopted and adoption advocacy work, we have heard heartbreaking stories of what life is like in an orphanage for these children. We believe that God has brought each family and story into our life, especially in the last year, to draw our hearts toward international adoption. When we saw Hannah's picture for the first time, we just knew we had to go get her. When we read her file, that inkling was confirmed. She possibly has autism, which is a road well traveled for us. We feel that God has equipped our family and our hearts to bring her home, give her the medical care she needs and show her the love of a family. She has the most beautiful smile! We cannot wait to introduce her to all of the people who help us Bring Hannah Home.  #bringhannahhome


The Britton's were awarded a matching grant through Brittany's Hope so every dollar raised through MaeBeSew will be doubled by this generous organization.  This means a $100 MaeBeSew order will mean $40 for the Britton's. Being an adoptive mother who has done plenty of fundraising, it's an awesome opportunity to shop smart in a very impactful way! When checking out, don't forget to include "Britton Family.". 

So without further ado, let the holiday, baby, birthday, just-because-i-love-you shopping begin! Fundraiser ends Sunday night, September 16th. Please reach out for any questions, concerns, or custom requests! MaeBeSew@gmail.com



Meet Our Fundraiser Family: The Hilton Family


After a quiet first half of summer, MaeBeSew is coming back loud and proud to introduce our next fundraising family, the Hiltons.  Amanda Hilton's passion for "bringing little sister home" stood out from the beginning and her sweetness is contagious. I am excited to partner with them and see another deserving child home with their forever family. As my village knows, it takes every one of y'all to make it happen.  Let's show some love to this family and their little sister waiting to come home.  Here's how: shop small and smart: 20% of all sales at MaeBeSew.com supporting "The Hilton Family" will go directly to their adoption.  There are also links at the end of their story to donate directly. 

Here's their story in their own words: 

Amanda and I have always had a special place in our hearts for adoptive families, and have discussed “what could be” since we were dating. We’ve always marveled at the idea of providing love, structure, safety and opportunity for a child whose story may not have involved these precious and sacred things.

When we were pregnant with Jane, our youngest we decided due to Amanda's consistent health related pregnancy difficulties, and the evident worsening circumstances with Jane’s complications, we were done having babies -- we were at peace with this! However, the Lord had other ideas.. Just minutes after Jane was born, as the NICU team was trying to stabilize her, Amanda had the strongest impression that our family simply was not complete. She even partially expressed these thoughts to me, literally as Jane was trying to find her first breaths.

Since that day, we’ve wrestled with the idea of expanding our family. How? ...Amanda’s body cannot hold up? What? ...these promptings and impressions would come and go, but their persistence was ever so consistent. Who? ...we’ve always slightly toyed with the idea of adopting an infant … When? ...we’re getting older, and our lives are hectic!  At long last, we decided this past year that we needed to ponder deeply, pray with great intent, and finally come to a final decision..

In going through this process over several months, we experienced some of the most unforseen experiences that we ever could have imagined. The process began with a half hearted decision to be finished having babies, but it became clear that we needed to put much more effort into finding answers, as we were still emotionally unsettled. As we continued to navigate the pursuit of answers, we were seemingly being blessed with new knowledge and new people in our lives which allowed for broadened perspective and realities.

One experience in particular, was our precious friends for whom Amanda had the opportunity to assist in caring for their special children, and in turn our little family gained a newfound perspective on “what could be”. The kind of “what could be” that allowed for a very clear and sacred knowledge that we have the capacity to love, unconditionally, with all our heart, mind, and soul, regardless of blood, regardless of status, regardless of ability, and regardless of circumstances. In the midst of these experiences, we were seemingly prompted… more so “carried”, nearly immediately, into the opportunity of a lifetime.. Of an eternity..

We are in the process of adopting the most precious little girl. She currently resides (in wait for us) in an orphanage in China. She is 4 years old, and she has Down Syndrome. She was born in June of 2014, and matter of factly, the same month we lost (what would have been) our third child. We committed to her the week of Thanksgiving, and got our Pre-Approval from China to move forward with the adoption on December 1st. We already have a connection with her that is undeniable and quite prominent in our home. We have a goal to bring her home to her forever family before Christmas of 2018 and appreciate everyone's support from the bottom of our hearts!

Without further ado...  meet our sweet “Little Sister”.