Meet Mei Haixia

Meet Mei Haixia.  Can you stand the cuteness?! Because I certainly cannot! We just adore this little one and can't wait to have her home and get to know her.  Like I can't wait.  This sweet face makes my heart pitter patter to a whole new beat. 

Mei Haixia is 2.5 years old.  Hai Xia is her chinese name which we are keeping.  We actually call her this quite often at home.  If you are part of our private adoption FB group, our video includes L and O saying her name.  I hope her nanny knows they tried their hardest to say it correctly.  It makes my heart melt every time I hear it.  Her name means "the rosy clouds from the sunset at a harbor."  We've been told her name is truly unique and special.  I love it.     

In August of 2012, I was on family vacation at a beautiful beach after a really hard 6 months… I was sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean by myself one afternoon… and in that moment, I knew so confidently I had a little girl in China for us.  I remember wiping away the tears as it all became so clear.  In those moments, my heart started to fill up with love for this child I was years away from meeting.  Skip a lot of details, fast forward to now and here she is.  God feels so real, so faithful and so big in my adult life.  Now I think about that month, August of 2012, I imagine her birth mother had just recently found out she was pregnant.  Maybe we both shared tears that month and the months to follow over the same precious little girl.  I am so grateful she chose life for her.      

When I look at the few pictures we have of Mei Haixia, it's a reminder I don't know much about her. We treasure the pictures we have of her, but I realize they are pictures.  It leaves a lot for you to wonder.  It leaves me heartbroken for the time we haven't had her and heartbroken for her loss.  It also leaves me excited to get to know her, to pour lots of love into her, and to give her two excited siblings.  I wonder what did she look like as a baby?  What does she look like when she is smiling?  Is she quiet and reserved or loud and energetic?  Is she a picky eater?  Does she snore? Does she have any birthmarks? Despite wondering these things, I have no expectations... Just a deep desire to have her home and to get to know her.  And to kiss those cheeks.  

Social workers tell you to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  That's just what we are doing.  Despite how hard or easy the next several months will be, we love Mei and life will be better simply because she's with us.  We love her unconditionally.  We will love her in ways that is best for her.  We will love uniquely as each child needs their own kind of love.  All four of us can't wait to love on her. This family of 5 is ready to have our fifth one home!  Praying the next few steps fly by without any delays and praying for our Mei Haixia.