Mei-Mei: Four months

We have been a family of 5 for 4 months now! I really can't believe that. I feel like it was just yesterday I was filling out paperwork longing for the day we would have our precious girl home.

We absolutely love seeing Mei learning to trust and love us. She is quite a brave girl. I feel like I have not gotten a minute to sit down and really share about HER. She's so much fun y'all. Seriously. It's so neat having a child that just LOVES everything. I just got on to all three kids for being crazy people and said "grab a book and read 30 minutes in bed." They all gripped as they went upstairs and Mei happily bounced up the stairs with a chapter book of Lola's just as excited as she could be. Everything is new and fun and such a treat to her.

She has amazing manners like "Please, thank you, and you're welcome" even with her siblings. Her english is impressive and I am so grateful for that. She speaks in sentences and is quickly catching up to Oliver. Her receptive language is superb. She now will ask "Why?" which can sound defiant at times, but she has no idea. Me: Mei put on your shoes baby. Mei: Why? Me: We need to go pick up Ollie. Mei: Okay Mommy. This is us all day long. Haha. She said "y'all" which I can't wait to hear again. Crack me up. She rarely uses any Chinese language anymore.

She stills cries at nights, but lately we have had a few nights where it has been minimal and we hope that happens more and more. She cries out in English now. She tends to say new phrases in her sleep and depending on the phrase it can sound quite dramatic like "go away" over and over. She is still sleeping in our bed as she just isn't ready to sleep alone yet. 

She plays really well with both Lola and Oliver. Her and Oliver can play for a long time when it's just the two of them.  They often seem like twins despite the size difference.  Developmentally they aren't too far apart.  She will asks about them often when they each are at school as well as her daddy. She loves Clay. They have become quite close and share a love for similar foods. She has even let him put her to bed a couple times and occasionally she will let him comfort her at night. She asked to go to work with him today. She will stay with him with no problem during the day and they often frequent the grocery store together.

She is eating so much better and the girl can really eat. I have to remind myself to feed her every hour or so. For lunch today, she ate an entire PBJ sandwich, chips, strawberries, and pretzels. And then she wanted more. Her stomach doesn't look like it could hold near that much food. LOL

She has been sick a good bit with an ear infection, strep and pneumonia. Hoping we can keep her well for awhile now.

She loves going to Oliver's school and her and Ollie are signed up to go three days next school year. She talks about going all the time. She loves to pretend play school at home. And any play for that matter. She loves baby dolls, tiny toys to hold, being outside (minus bright sun), play doh, legos, clothes and any crafty project.

She loves her grandparents and Aunt Kebby and Uncle Nick. My parents have watched her at our house and this past weekend she stayed with Clay's parents for about thirty minutes and had a blast. She is a great mixture of tough and tender hearted. As she gets more trusting, I have noticed the stubbornness is much less however selective hearing may be a little more ;)

We really feel great about her attachment and have become very comfortable in trusting our intuition and accepting the journey of it versus analyzing everything, all the time, which is easy to do at first. I am so glad she was home for her third birthday and we had the perfect day celebrating her. She was the cutest birthday girl ever and she was all about her birthday party! I was so sad the day before her birthday as I wondered what her birth mom was feeling and I just wished I could send her a letter with pictures of our beautiful girl so she knew she was happy, loved and prayed for well before she was born. She surely shines a big bright light in our house. She is the perfect exclamation mark to our family!