We won the Lottie-ry.

Our sweet family of 5 has very exciting news.  In a few months, we will be bringing home another daughter from China.  We are beyond thrilled to be growing by one more and feel lucky to be able to care for another child.  The red thread runs deep through this sweet story and I am excited to share bits and pieces along the way.

Without further ado...

Meet our sweet Lottie.  In Clay's words, "We won the Lottie-ry."  

While Mei was in Baltimore undergoing her first surgery, we received the file of a little girl who my heart could not let go off.  Her eyes wouldn't leave me.  Her face captured my every being.  She was precious. Her "special" need broke me.  She has a badly broken leg due to a congenital condition and fortunately we were sitting face to face with a world renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon when her x rays were e-mailed to us who was able to give us a clear diagnosis and help lay out what the future would hold surgically. Clay and I have learned that while medical needs are not to be taken lightly, they are a small piece to the overall commitment to a child.  Children that come from hard places, a place of trauma, or brokenness can have much bigger needs than their medical ones.  We've seen Mei heal and grow in miraculous ways, both physically and emotionally, and we look forward to helping Lottie thrive and grow in the same ways.  It is our desire to allow her to live and be happy to her fullest potential in life with no barriers.

In the words of my amazing hubby, adoption has been our family's best yes (and I agree!) and we feel very, very lucky to welcome Lottie into her forever home. She is going to be oh so loved by her sisters, brother and Clay and I! And I CANNOT wait to get her in my arms.  With the paperwork done, let the countdown and fundraising begin! We have a beautiful child that needs to be HOME!!

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