10 months and counting...

My beautiful baby sister got married this weekend and I couldn't be happier for her.  She was a stunning bride and will be such an incredible wife.  Her husband is handsome, funny, sincere, and loyal.  They compliment each other so nicely.  I truly look forward to seeing what the years ahead bring them. 

Through this sweet wedding, I also had the pleasure of being her matron of honor, watch Lola be a junior bridesmaid, and Mei and Ollie were the flower girl and ring bearer.  I worked hard not to go into ugly cry walking down the aisle... and then as I stood in the front waiting for my sister to enter, Mei and Ollie walked down the aisle hand in hand.  Ugly. Cry.  I worked so hard to hold it in. But seeing that precious little girl walking so well holding her brother's hand so gently just melted me.  She's apart of us.  She fits right in.  Then she sat curled in my mom's lap through the ceremony.  Such sweetness.  They are quite the pair with their matching black hair.  Mei kept enthusiastically saying "I want cake!" and had to be hushed a few times.  Oliver was curled in his handsome daddy's lap and Lola was spinning next to me in our matching dresses.  It was just pure sweetness all the way around. 

Mei has come so far in such a short time.  While some days felt too long, the months have flown by, as they always do.  Time for Mei and us has brought on so much love, confidence, trust, security, and growth.  Mei knows how much we love her, care for her and how we always come back.   She has also learned that momma doesn't do drama, momma doesn't do silent treatments, momma doesn't allow much room for wussy girls, and sibling love is a must in our house.  She is really trying to settle in to who she is and how her role works as the youngest in our house. At the wedding, she spent the day at school, then daddy picked her up and brought her to me late afternoon.  Her day was quite busy and lacked much momma time.  That night she snuggled in bed with momma just to have that extra reminder, I am always here and constant, even on the busiest of days.  

I am extremely proud of my babies.  They did so well at the wedding.  Oliver was a in a fabulous mood and for that I am so thankful.  I am glad he could enjoy the day and participate.  What a great memory for him.  He was quite the dancer as well.  Lola loves a party and danced the night away too!  She was the perfect junior bridesmaid. It's so fun to celebrate a couple you are so proud of and to watch our growing family being together through it all.  I really enjoyed the weekend soaking up all the extra family time.

Now it's Monday, and one kid is home sick from school and it's raining.  Back to black soft pants all day, every day around here.