Meet the Nowrey Family!

MaeBeSew is proud to announce it's first fundraiser family...




Nowrey Family


I personally came across Catrina Nowrey when I was advocating for Ramona, their daughter.  I saw Ramona's precious photo on an advocacy site and just swooned over her.  Ramona is deaf and I wanted her to have the gift of language so badly. I was ecstatic when I learned the Nowrey's were adopting her and could give her that gift as deaf parents.  It's really been a pleasure watching her learn sign, thrive in her family and make her mom and dad so happy.  I am very excited they are adopting again and glad MaeBeSew could jump on board to help. With every purchase designated for the Nowrey Family, MaeBeSew will give back 20% to their adoption funds. To support this sweet family, please enter "Nowrey Family" at checkout when shopping at Read on to learn more about this family. 

Billy and Catrina Nowrey have been married for 9 years, and are both deaf.  Catrina’s had a dream to adopt from China since a teenager and she was happy to pursue a growing family through adoption.  She's been open about their struggle with pregnancy and loss and how God revealed His plans to her and Billy.  Now, they have a beautiful daughter from China, named Ramona, and she is deaf like her parents. Ramona is 6 years old and was adopted in May 2016. Ramona is learning sign language very quickly!


They wanted to adopt another child, but were waiting until the right time. Ramona learned about families at school, and one day she came home and told her mom and dad that she wants a sister or brother! They agreed Ramona needed a sibling and started the adoption process again. They were excited to see God's plan was a brother for Ramona! They are honored to give him the name of Cody. Cody is 5 years old and deaf. Ramona is very excited and can’t wait to play with her new brother in the next few months.  Billy and Catrina can’t wait to have another child in their arms and be together forever! To donate directly to their adoption funds, click "donate now"

MaeBeSew was created from an accident, so it would first appear.  Later, it was clear God pushed me out of my comfort zone and created a business that would help our family bring home two of our daughters from China and continue to help our family as it has allowed me to have a flexible job while caring for the needs of our children, particularly with surgeries, therapies and attachment. MaeBeSew was never meant to be a job without meaning.  Every doll is sewn with love and intention.  While the dolls no longer help our own adoption efforts, they can now help other families.  It is my dream and passion to see more families adopt.  How can we help make that happen?