Meet our fundraiser family: The Britton's

I am very excited to introduce this week's fundraiser family, The Britton's!


Stan and Lauren Britton standout with their grace, compassion, and love for others in a BIG way.  I get to watch this upclose as we live in the same community. Our lives have overlapped through the last few years from churches, to preschools, to buying our home, to now China adoption! It was a treat swimming with them this summer and getting a glimpse at what fabulous brothers their four boys will be to Hannah! 

Here's what Lauren has to say about adoption: 

Adoption is a big part of our family. Stan was adopted, our second son was adopted and we have been foster parents. We have asked God for several years to show us when it was time to foster or adopt again. We came across Hannah Joy's picture on an advocacy page for waiting children in China. Through friends who have adopted and adoption advocacy work, we have heard heartbreaking stories of what life is like in an orphanage for these children. We believe that God has brought each family and story into our life, especially in the last year, to draw our hearts toward international adoption. When we saw Hannah's picture for the first time, we just knew we had to go get her. When we read her file, that inkling was confirmed. She possibly has autism, which is a road well traveled for us. We feel that God has equipped our family and our hearts to bring her home, give her the medical care she needs and show her the love of a family. She has the most beautiful smile! We cannot wait to introduce her to all of the people who help us Bring Hannah Home.  #bringhannahhome


The Britton's were awarded a matching grant through Brittany's Hope so every dollar raised through MaeBeSew will be doubled by this generous organization.  This means a $100 MaeBeSew order will mean $40 for the Britton's. Being an adoptive mother who has done plenty of fundraising, it's an awesome opportunity to shop smart in a very impactful way! When checking out, don't forget to include "Britton Family.". 

So without further ado, let the holiday, baby, birthday, just-because-i-love-you shopping begin! Fundraiser ends Sunday night, September 16th. Please reach out for any questions, concerns, or custom requests!