Operation Olivia: Meet the Smith family

The next several weeks are full of family fundraisers and it makes my heart happy. Each family represents one less orphan.

Our next family is adopting a sweet little girl from China who happens to be a doll baby. This is their second adoption from China! I love two-timers! ;)


Meet the Smith Family!

Isa and I have known each other for a while now and use the same adoption agency based out of CO.

Here’s her introduction:

A few things about us: We’re the Smith’s, my husband is Wally, we have four children at home, three bio kids and our youngest was adopted from China in 2016. (Julia-16, Aiden-12, Lexie-11, and Gavin-4) Our new daughter is just six months younger than Gavin & is also from Jiangxi. We expect to travel in early November. I’m an ESL teacher/Reading Specialist and my husband has over 20 years of service in the Army & works at the Pentagon. We’ve lived in Northern Virginia since 2015 and have also been stationed in Florida, Kansas, Germany, & The Netherlands. Our new daughter’s name will be Olivia. We’re using the hashtag #OperationOlivia since we’re a military family


How cute is Operation Olivia? With all fundraisers, the family receives back 20% of all sales supporting their adoption. When checking out, it will ask you if you are buying in support of a family and you can enter Smith Family or “Operation Olivia!” We hope this fundraiser is a sweet way to support the Smith’s and have a special doll that reminds you there’s one less orphan. It takes a village and while everyone isn’t called to adopt, everyone can be part of the village. Shopping smart, especially with the holidays almost here, is a great way to support adoption, adoptive families and receive meaningful, custom gifts.

Please contact me for any special requests: maebesew@gmail.com

Let Operation Olivia begin!! XOXO