Bringing to life pretty dolls is definitely a dream job, however, I have never wanted this to be just any job.  MaeBeSew was created in an effort to fund our own international adoptions and each doll sewn holds such a dear spot in my heart for those that supported us. I want each doll to continue to bless the ones who gift them, receive them and families adopting.  I am passionate about advocating for children that don't have a loving family.  I want to stand with families who are doing the same.  MaeBeSew offers fundraisers to families who are in the process of adopting and have pre-approval of a child. If your family is interested, please fill out the confidential form below and read the guidelines at the bottom of the page. If you do not have pre-approval yet, please still contact us and we can happily add you to our wait list.  And please know, the form is as short and sweet as possible while still allowing us to get to know your family and heart.  We know paperwork is never ending in the adoption world! 

Name *
Pre-Approval is required, but you can fill out this form and be added to the wait list without pre-approval.
Travel can vary because of so many factors, so just take a good guess.

Fundraiser Details:


  • Families must have pre-approval (PA) of a specific child to fundraise, but can fill out our form prior to PA. 
  • Families must be working with an accredited agency that will verify their adoption.
  • Families must be active on social media.
  • Families must have photos they can share either of their family, waiting child or siblings and a very small write up of their story MaeBeSew can share.
  • MaeBeSew welcomes single parents, all beliefs and families of all shapes and sizes. 

The Details:

  • Any shop item listed will go toward your total, except gift cards purchases. Custom doll orders are fair game.  Whatever your family and friends purchase, will go towards your total sales and you will receive 20% back of all sales. Checks will be made to your agency or fundraising site. 
  • You may get creative in how you raise awareness for your fundraiser.  The main thing is to let your supporters know they need to mention your family name when checking out.
  • MaeBeSew will ship all dolls to their purchasers making this an easy and no hassle fundraiser. No returns or exchanges will be accepted unless a mistake was made on MaeBeSew's end, in which MaeBeSew will gladly correct.